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General Rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!
  • Accessing this site is a priviledge and not a right. This priviledge can be revoked anytime and for any reason listed in the rules
  • Do not defy the moderators with your expressed wishes!
  • Accounts with nothing uploaded/ downloaded will be deleted after 4 weeks.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed.
  • Do not upload our torrents to other trackers!
  • You will only get one warning! After that you will be BANNED!
  • Do not sell or try to sell our invites.
  • Advertising is not allowed on SceneFZ. Not in comments, not on the forums and especially not via PM.
  • In case you notice a link to a file copyrighted by law please contact us at .
  • Any complains to all authorities before contacting us will be an abuse to our website and we will demand compensation of 500.000 E.
  • Administrators can't verify the content of the links available on this website.
  • Usage of this website impose accepting the rules above.

Downloading Rules - By not following these rules you will lose download privileges!
  • After you have finished downloading DO NOT close your torrent client. By doing so you help others download faster as you also probably desire.
  • You are REQUIRED to seed the downloaded torrent 48 Hours OR until you have a share ratio of 1.
  • Do NOT alter/remove your passkey while downloading/uploading! You will be automatically BANNED!

General Forum/PM Rules - Please follow these guidelines or else you might end up with a warning!
  • No defying attitude against our staff members. (Disable / Ban)!
  • No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums. (Warning / Disable)
  • No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
  • Only English and Romanian are the allowed languages.
  • No systematic foul language (and none at all in titles).
  • No links to warez or crack sites in the forums.
  • No requesting or posting of serials, CD keys, passwords or cracks in the forums.
  • No requesting for subtitles / requirements / screenshots / sample in the forums.
  • No useless comments like "1st" , "seed!" or any other information not related to the torrent you are commenting on.
  • No bumping... (All bumped threads will be deleted.)
  • No personal information of any kind allowed.
  • No images larger than 800x600, and preferably web-optimised.
  • No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post
  • in the thread please use the EDIT function, instead of posting a double.
  • Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section!
  • No advertisements via PM.
  • No agressive language via PM.
  • Last, please read the FAQ before asking any questions!

General Comment Rules - Please try to follow these guidelines
  • Do not insult any of the users or staff members. Account will be disabled.
  • Only English and Romanian are the allowed languages.
  • Needless comments will be deleted and the user will be warned. We do not want to know that you were the first to comment nor what you ate at dinner.
  • Do not request seeds for a torrent.
  • No screenshot/subtitles/requirements/serials requests allowed in comments.
  • Do not post serial numbers in comments.
  • Do not request other torrents in comments.
  • Do not post Youtube videos for trailers/gameplay to your own channel. (Warn/Disable)
  • Do not post screenshots with ads (adfly etc.).(You will get banned)
  • NO SPOILERS. Don't ruin the torrent contents for other users. There are no exceptions and your account will have comments disabled for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Do not post any kind of personal information in comments.

Avatar Guidelines - Please try to follow these guidelines
  • The allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.
  • Be considerate. Resize your images to a width of 150 px and a size of no more than 150 KB.
  • Do not use personal images as your avatar!
  • Do not use potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideologically charged images. Mods have wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt PM one.